Exercises Which You Should Do For Losing Weight


Experts have now put their approval stamp on the fact that for losing weight effectively and safely, people need to consume healthy food and do a lot of exercises.

Exercising helps in burning calories and build muscles which probably increases metabolism and burns even more calories and lose more weight.

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So here are some exercises which are proved to be very effective for weight loss.


Walking is considered to be a perfect exercise for weight loss. All you need is to have a pair of walking shoes.

It is a low-intensity exercise which may lead to better overall health and mental wellbeing. The time and pace of walking majorly depends on the how much you weight. On an average with a pace of four miles per hour, a person can effectively burn around 5 to 8 calories every minute.


Kettlebell is a cast iron ball fitted with a single handlebar. The weight of the kettle is not evenly distributed this means that you need to stabilize your body and counterbalance the weight of the ball.

A hardcore kettlebells workout helps in burning up around 400 calories in juts 20 minutes and also strengthens your core, improves your balance and posture.

A 20 minute of the kettlebell is considered to be similar to running 6 miles.

So it can be said that just depending upon supplements and diet meals is not enough for carrying out a successful weight loss.